Raffy does: MacBook Laptops (and discovers something shocking – Apple is doomed!)

Raffy uses my MacBook for the first time only to discover… A new critical flaw has been found in Apple’s MacBooks – They make 2 year old toddlers cry! L.O.T.S.D.A.M, or ‘Lack of a touch screen on Daddy’s Apple MacBook’ is a serious issue affecting 2 year old toddlers around the world. Will Apple respond and stop the suffering of our future leaders of tomorrow raised on touchscreen devices? Did Raffy have a afternoon nap today and Dad was bored so put together this video of Raffy using his MacBook for the first time earlier today to only discover it didn’t have a touch screen and get very upset? If you too know a family affected by L.O.T.S. syndrome, please pass this video on.