Raffy does: Digging – He just wants to Dig a hole – Gets the dog to do it for him – DOG SAVES BABY*

*TIME…by digging a hole (and I guess he is technically a toddler now) Sunny day, kookaburras are singing, we go out side and Raffy decides he just wants to dig a hole. But hole digging is hard work, so he asks Winston (our real dog) to do it for him – and amazingly Winston listens! Also, some old 90’s Australian Movie Reference added which Raffy is about 18 years to late to understand… Notes: ‘Do-Do’ is the name of Raffy’s toy dog (not the other thing you were thinking) Raffy is wearing his favourite ‘Bonds Bananas’ (technically his pyjamas, but perfect for all your digging requirements!)


Raffy does: Balloons🎈 – Raffy wants a balloon – We run to the shops, Explore a park, then DISASTER STRIKES

So, when Raffy got up this morning I asked him what he wanted to do, his reply…. Balloons! (we had been playing with small, water balloons but these were not big enough for his liking)
Off for a run to the shops – a million “what is that?” later we have balloons and Raff decides we need to use these at Macedon Park (his name for a park…wait for it, in Macedon).
We blow up a balloon and then….

Raffy does: MacBook Laptops (and discovers something shocking – Apple is doomed!)

Raffy uses my MacBook for the first time only to discover… A new critical flaw has been found in Apple’s MacBooks – They make 2 year old toddlers cry! L.O.T.S.D.A.M, or ‘Lack of a touch screen on Daddy’s Apple MacBook’ is a serious issue affecting 2 year old toddlers around the world. Will Apple respond and stop the suffering of our future leaders of tomorrow raised on touchscreen devices? Did Raffy have a afternoon nap today and Dad was bored so put together this video of Raffy using his MacBook for the first time earlier today to only discover it didn’t have a touch screen and get very upset? If you too know a family affected by L.O.T.S. syndrome, please pass this video on.

Raffy does: Cooking – Makes some healthy Date Ball snacks (Cacao!)

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Raffy does: Picasso – Reacts to the original painting, makes his own. ART LESSON FOR TODDLERS & KIDS

Raffy goes to the NGV in Melbourne to look at some art (on Australia Day…hence the flag). He reacts to the Weeping Woman (1937 – Pablo Picasso)… spoiler, “It’s sad”. So, we go home, get changed and make our own Picasso inspired artwork (with a little history lesson).
More art lessons to come!
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